Sipan, your gateway to a wonderful world… Peru!


Ceviche SamplerSampler With Three Kinds Of Ceviche; Fresh Halibut, Seafood Mix, And Salmon.$32
Pulpo Al OlivoAvocado In Passion Fruit Vinaigrette Topped With Steamed Octopus In A Botija Olive Aioli.$20
Tiradito De SalmonAlaskan Salmon Shasimi Style Marinated In Passion Fruit, Miso & Aji Sauce.$16
Ceviche ChinoSalmon Marinated In Ponzu & Yellow Chili Sauce Served W/peruvian Corn, Green Onions, Fried Wonton Chips & Sweet Potatoes.$16
Ceviche MixtoFresh Halibut, Calamari, Shrimp, Mussels And Octopus Marinated In Lemon Juice And Peruvian Spices. Served With Sweet Potato, Red Onions, And Peruvian Corn.$20
Ceviche De PescadoFresh Fish of The Day Marinated In Lemon Juice And Peruvian Spices. Served With Sweet Potatoes, Red Onions And Peruvian Corn.$17
Tiradito De Ahi Tuna En AjiSashimi Style Ahi Tuna Served Over A Citrus Aji Amarillo Pepper Sauce. Topped With Minced Criolla Sauce And Peruvian Corn.$16


Anticucho De Pork BellyGrilled Pork Belly Skewers Marinated With Panca Sauce Served With Mashed Potatoes.$13
Anticucho De CorazonGrilled Beef Heart Skewers Marinated With Panca Sauce. Served W/golden Potatoes.$13
Jaleita Tradicional(Good For Two)Crispy Fried Seafood Mix Served W/“criolla Sauce” & peruvian Corn.$22
Albóndigas RellenasBraised Pork Meat Balls Filled W/gouda In A Peruvian Chili Sauce.$13
Chicharrón De Pollo (Good For Two)Crispy Chicken Marinated In Special Peruvian Sauce. Served With “criolla Sauce”, A Dip Of Lemon & Chinese Cinnamon.$15
Causa TradicionalWhipped Peruvian Yellow Pepper Mash Potatoes Filled With Vegetables, Mayonnaise, Crab & Shrimp.$14
Mussels Moche (Good For Two)New Zealand Green Mussels Served W/mild Smoked Sausage.$14
Papa A La HuancainaBoiled Potatoes Topped With Yellow Peruvian Chili And Creamy Cheese Sauce Served With Olives And Hard Boiled Egg.$10
Empanaditas (4)Four Peruvian Style Empanadas Individually Stuffed With Mushroom, Spinach, Chicken, And Beef.$12


Soup of the Day
Seafood SaladA Mix Of Seafood In A Spring Mix With Fresh Seasonal Vegetables In A Mango Dressing.$16
Ensalada De Palta Y CamaronAvocado And Shrimp Salad Served Over Spring Mix In A House Lemon Vinaigrette.$14
Chicken SaladGrilled Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese In A House Dressing.$16
Organic Quinoa SaladSteamed Organic Quinoa With Vegetables In A Chocolate Balsamic Reduction.$15
Seared Ahi Tuna SaladSeared Ahi Tuna Served Over An Organic Quinoa Salad In A Mango Dressing. Topped With Thin Fried Rice Noodles.$22


Pollo A La PlanchaGrilled Chicken Breast Marinated In Peruvian Herbs. Served With Mixed Salad And Steamed Rice.$20
Pollo SaltadoChicken Thigh Sautéed With Onions, Tomatoes, Fries, And Peruvian Spices. Served With Steamed Rice.$20
Ají De GallinaShredded Chicken Breast Braised In A Creamy Yellow Chili Sauce With Cheese & Nuts Served W/rice, Eggs, Potatoes And Botija Olives.$22


Bea SaratogaGrilled Lobster Tail Served Over A Mix Of Seafood Sauteed In A Lightly Spicy Mirasol Sauce. Served With A Potato-quinoa Cake.$30
Pescado A Lo MachoCreamy Salsa Madre Sauce Sautéed With A Mix Of Seafood Over Fried Fish Fillet. Served With Steamed White Rice.$24
Paella Kumir (Green)Peruvian Style Paella With Cilantro Special Sauce, Seafood, Chicken & Sausage.$26
Arroz Con MariscosPeruvian Style Paella With A Mix Of Seafood In Salsa Madre Sauce.$26
Cau Cau De MariscosPeruvian Style Seafood Stew With Mint, Potatoes And Peas. Served With Steamed White Rice.$22
Salmón A La Parrilla Con QuinottoPan Seared Marinated Salmon Filet Served W/ Creamy Quinoa, Fetta Cheese, Vegetables & Huancaina Sauce.$25


Causa Mar Y TierraFlat Iron Steak Sautéed With Praws, Red Onions And Peruvian Demi-glaze Served Over Cold Traditional Yellow Pepper Mashed Potatoes.$23
Costillitas De CorderoLamb Chops Marinated In Panca Sauce Served With Mixedfried Rice & Lentils.$26
Adobo De ChanchoBraised Pork Shoulder Marinated In Chicha De Jora And Panca Chili Served W/potatoes Gratin.$20
Biscteck A Lo PobreRib Eye Steak With Golden Potatoes, Plantains, Fried Eggs. Served W/Steamed White Rice.$30
Seco De CarneBeer Braised Beef Short Ribs In Cilantro & Chicha De Jora Sauce. Served With Peruvians Beans And Steamed White Rice.$21
Lomo SaltadoFlat Meat Sautéed With Onions, Tomatoes And Fries And Peruvian Spices. Served With Steamed White Rice.$24


Paella VegetarianaPeruvian Style Paella In Panca Sauce With Tofu & Vegetables.$16
Picante De VegetalesVeggies Stew In Panca & Yellow Chili Sauce Served W/steamed Rice (Spicy).$15
Saltado De VegetalesMushrooms, Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Carrots, Peas, And Peruvian Corn Sautéed With Fries And Peruvian Spices. Served With Steamed Rice.$15
Chaufa de QuinoaFried Quinoa, Eggs, Zucchini, Peas, Carrots And Fried Tofu Sautéed With Soy Sauce.


Fried Sweet Potatoes
Yuca Frita
Steam Rice